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Super Saturday, February 25, 2023
Registration and Class Details

How to Register

To register one or more students for Super Saturday, select the link below for the desired track(s) and complete the registration form(s).


This event is now FULL.
We have reached our capacity for this event and so registration is now closed.  You may still add your name to the waitlist linked below.  We are aware that the event filled very quickly and we regret the frustration this may have caused.  We will make every effort to accommodate as many students on the waitlist as we can and will continue filling spots until Thursday, February 23.        
You must complete a separate form for each student attending, and each student
should only be registered for 1 track, either for AM or PM classes.


If your student's first choice track is sold out, there is a place in the waitlist form to enter your preferred track, and you will be notified if a spot becomes available. The cost for this event is $15 per student. Parents and other adults attend for FREE! Your fee of $15 per student helps the volunteer-run Adams 12 GT Parents Group provide your family with this full-day experience and also helps to fund other GT speakers and events throughout the year.  Please contact us at if you would like to be considered for financial assistance.  After submitting your registration form, the confirmation pop up window will contain instructions for how to pay through your district PayForIt account. 

The tracks available are listed below. To register a student, click on the Track Name and fill out the corresponding Google form. Click on the class name to read the class description and instructor information or scroll to the bottom of this webpage.  Because space for this event is limited, we ask that registered students stay for the duration of their session.  Please ensure that you are registering your student for a session that does not conflict with other activities you may have planned for that day. 

Please click on the track name to access the registration form for that track.

AM Sessions 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Grades K/1 Track A -- Veterinary Med, Adventures on the Prairie, Martial Arts 

Grades 2/3 Track A -- Electricity and Vacuum Cannons, Veterinary Med, Raise the Roof

Grades 2/3 Track B -- Adventures on the Prairie, Role Playing Games, Electricity and Vacuum Cannons

Grades 4/5 Track A -- Entrepreneurship, Raise the Roof, Role Playing Games

Grades 4/5 Track B -- Raise the Roof, Electricity and Vacuum Cannons, Entrepreneurship 

PM Sessions 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Grades K/1 Track B -- Art Exploration, Stargazers, Make Believe

Grades 2/3 Track C -- Destination Imagination, Make Believe, Stargazers

Grades 2/3 Track D -- Martial Arts, Art Exploration, Destination Imagination

Grades 4/5 Track C -- Stargazers, Martial Arts, Mock Trial

Grades 4/5 Track D -- Make Believe, Mock Trial, Art Exploration

Options If Your Desired Session Is Full

If your student's first choice track is full, we encourage you to register for another track for your student if available.  We have found that sometimes the sessions that seem to be least exciting for a student turn out to be the student's favorite session of the day.  If your student would like to be on the list for another track or if all tracks for the grade level are now full, please sign up for our event waitlist.  We often have families cancel, and so are able to offer spaces to students on our waitlist.

Click here to sign up for our waitlist.  We will contact you if space becomes available in your desired track.

Presentations for Parents

​Although the student sessions are only open for students in grades K-5, parent sessions are open for parents with GT students of any age, and parents are encouraged to attend the event with or without students. Please see the list below of topics to be covered.  If you are a parent attending without a student, please register by clicking the form below. Parents attending with registered students do not need to complete a separate parent form.

Registration Form for Parents Attending WITHOUT a Student

Twice Exceptionality: Understanding Our Most Exceptional Learners

In this session we will talk about what it means to be twice exceptional- from state definition to actual real life, we will discuss how to support our children and navigate the nuances of the school system.

About the speaker: Robin Greene, EdD is the Supervisor of Gifted Education for the Colorado Department of Education. In addition to being a mother of an amazing twice exceptional 9 year old, she holds a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Gifted Education. Her work supports gifted education coordinators, school districts, families, and students focused on creating equitable access and inclusion for gifted and twice exceptional learners across the state of Colorado. She is the former Director of Gifted Education for Denver Public Schools where she won the National Association of Gifted Children’s Professional Learning Network Award for Culturally Responsive Gifted Education. She is the co-author of Supporting Gifted Ells in the Latinx Community: Practical Strategies K-12 as well as several articles on creativity.

Building Healthy Communities:  Promoting Resilience and Strengthening Relationships

Supporting your child has always had its challenges, and now it feels even more overwhelming.  How do you support your child during this time of constant change?  How do you support your child when you might be struggling as well?  Join us for this important session, where we will cover:  strategies to support a strong foundation with your child, concrete skills to increase family connection especially during times of conflict and anxiety, and how to strengthen the bridge between home and school.

About the speaker: Katrina Fernandez is a teacher at heart and cannot remember a time when she was not working with or on behalf of students. She has spent the last twenty years serving in numerous roles from paraeducator to special education teacher to principal. Currently, she is the Director of Multi-tiered Systems of Support for the Adams 12 Five Star School District. A graduate of the University of Colorado with a dual Masters in Special Education and Education Leadership and Policy from the University of Denver. When she is not working, she is off on adventures with her husband and two children.

"You aren't the only One!" - GT Parent Panel

A gifted identification for your child often leaves parents full of questions.  What does this tell me about my child? What changes will this bring to their school experience?  Who supports them in the school and what is an ALP?  And the largest question of them all - what does this mean for me as a parent and how do I support my child? In this session, you will hear from fellow Adams 12 GT parents as we share our experiences as gifted parents.  Here's your opportunity to ask questions and find out you aren't the only one with questions about GT, parenting GT children, and navigating GT in the school years. 

About the speakers: Rebecca Bennett is a mom to two GT children - a Legacy freshman and Legacy graduate who is in college now.  When the oldest was identified in 2nd grade,  Rebecca joined forces with some other parents to establish the Adams 12 Gt Parents Group.  Rebecca is passionate about education, helping parents connect, and seeing children succeed in their own way.

Joanne Bliss is mom to three gifted sons in Adams 12 schools - a Legacy freshman and a 7th and 3rd grader at Prospect Ridge Academy.  Her oldest son attended Super Saturday shortly after he was identified in 2nd grade and she has been involved with the GT Parents Group ever since!  She has served the group as Treasurer, President, and now Past-President and is driven by the tremendous reward of building connections with other GT parents and providing GT students with opportunities to embrace their giftedness with their peers.  The gifted journey is so much easier with friends along for the ride! 

Creativity at Home

The why of this session is empowering families through creativity.  Families will leave with ideas and activities to strengthen connection and promote peace in the home.

About the speaker: Della Remack, Ed.D. has served learners of all ages through public education, the nonprofit world, and the private sector.  Della serves Boulder Valley School District half-time as a Gifted Education Instructional Specialist as she launches her startup, SensAble Learning, LLC.  She holds a doctorate focused in equity, is a TED-Ed Innovative Educator, and believes in creating, simplifying & connecting for transformational change.

Student Class Descriptions
Veterinary Medicine

I envision my session being interactive, fun and the highlight of their day! Students will have the opportunity to learn about taking care of pets and what happens at the veterinarian using stuffed animals and pens that look like syringes.  Children will be able to be the veterinarian and take care of their patient and take it home to show their parents!

About the instructor: Cyndi Norris was born and raised here in Colorado! Since preschool, Cyndi knew she wanted to work with animals, so she grew up and made it happen! She graduated from Pima Medical Institute with her Associates in Veterinary Technology in 2015 and she joined the Laurel team in 2016 and is the Lead Veterinary Technician for the clinic. Caring for all pets and their well-being is Cyndi's true passion but her favorite parts of veterinary medicine are dentistry, anesthesia, providing comfort and peace for senior/end of life pets, teaching and she will never pass up a good puppy snuggle!  When not working, Cyndi enjoys spending time in the sunshine at the lake, paddle boarding and camping! She also loves a good lazy day at home watching movies and eating good food with her husband, their two kids and their three best pups, Moose, Finnley and Boone.


Adventures on the Prairie

Explore the fascinating world of the prairie! Learn about the plants and animals that live there, how they grow up, and how they are adapted to live and survive in their habitat through hands-on activities. You’ll also get a chance to touch and see some real animal pelts, horns, and antlers up close!

About the instructor: Isis Rivera-Lopez, Urban Park Ranger Born and raised in Durango, Mexico, Isis' love for nature can be traced back to the times spent playing as a kid in the creeks and fields around her grandparents’ ranch. Eventually, Isis became interested in conservation and went on to study Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado Boulder. Now, she is starting her career as an Urban Park Ranger with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, where she hopes to spark other people’s interest in nature. What she loves the most about her job is the variety of tasks she gets to do – from taking care of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR’s two ambassador black-footed ferrets, to giving programs to students of all ages. No one day is ever the same!


Martial Arts

Two instructors from Venture Martial Arts will teach students a basic combination of techniques to defend themselves as well as build strong character traits behind them.  The kids will participate in a small workout and end on some fun martial arts techniques for self-defense.  Come try it out and see all that martial arts has to offer!

About the instructors:


Sean Miller has been training in Martial Arts since he was twelve. Born and Denver and raised out of state, he is grateful to call Central Park his true home- mostly because he is part of the Venture team. He has practiced several different types of Martial Arts throughout his career but has found his passion in teaching at Venture Martial Arts. Having trained in the military, he understands the importance of discipline. He imparts that knowledge to his students during every lesson.

Miller began his instructor journey at age 19 when he was working security and was attacked without warning. From that moment he was inspired to learn the best forms of Martial Arts so that he could always protect himself and those around him. He wants everyone to learn to defend themselves so that they can feel safe no matter what situation is presented. He thinks that fear can either hold you back or push you forward, and in the moment of fight or flight he chooses to fight.  

As an instructor he loves seeing the students growing from where they started, maybe feeling lost or frustrated, to finally grasping a concept and making it their own form of art. It’s theirs, they built it, and it shows in their pride and development. He believes that taekwondo is a never-ending process. Every time you fall you strive to get better. Even when achieving a Black Belt, it’s never the end, it’s only the beginning. He hopes that his students and Venture as a whole will be known worldwide and be able to share their gifts on an international level.  

Sean Miller teaches teen and adult classes at the Flatirons location for Venture Martial Arts. He is also the school program director, helps with community outreach, and is a key player in the growth of Venture Martial Arts as a whole.


Sola Beckley is 17 years old and has moved around various parts of the country throughout his life. He has been in Colorado for the last six years and has found his home here. He was 11 years old when he started training in taekwondo. His brother was involved in Martial Arts and he decided to give it a try too. Something about it stuck with him and he continued to grow and succeed. He has been an instructor for the last three years. Inspired by his own instructors, he wants to help out kids in the same way he was taught so he decided on becoming an instructor. He likes teaching and found a passion for doing it. 

Sola is inspired when kids find delight in learning the same things he enjoys. The look that they get when they finally understand something new or share in the same joy excites them both. He loves to teach more complex moves and connect the dots when they understand- such as XMA tricking. He inspires confidence in his students by encouraging them to overcome their fears and progress to unforgettable success. The mind-body connection is important in his lessons as he teaches advanced and complicated moves. 

The Venture community has encouraged him to push to his limits. Supported by a team of like-minded individuals, he aspires to learn as much as he can to pass along to the next generation, including tricks that he has developed doing Xtreme Martial Arts. He wants to pass along the family-like experience found at Venture, where they hang out and work hard together as a team. He hopes to one day become a school owner so that he can see instructors under him grow as he grows now.   

Sola Beckley is a second-degree Black Belt. He is an Assistant Instructor at Venture Martial Arts in Flatirons. He also teaches XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts).


Electricity and Vacuum Cannons - Fun Science

Where does electricity come from? This session will cover the topic of electricity, the many sources of electricity, and how we make it.  Come experience the power and fascination of this amazing topic.  We will also explore the POWER of atmospheric pressure with a ping pong ball and a pop can.

About the instructor: James Koerlin is a professional engineer in the field of mechanical engineering.  He has worked in the areas of wheelchair seating systems and geophysical logging equipment over the last 30 years.  He holds degrees in mechanical engineering and industrial arts from Texas Tech University and North Texas State, respectively.   For the last eight years he has been an instructor of engineering at Bollman Technical Education Center.


Raise the Roof!

You will be put in the shoes of construction professionals that design, manage, and build projects. Together as a full construction team you will work to create design drawings, a budget, and a final constructed building using magnetic tiles. Each team and each team member have varying roles and responsibilities to ensure all the required tasks to create a successful construction project are covered. This activity is like a game of telephone with an extra dose of chaos, much like real life!

About the instructors:

Emma Palasak - I grew up in Bentonville, Arkansas, and moved to Topeka, Kansas right after high school to attend Washburn University. There, I studied public relations and minored in sociology. Following graduation, I joined the U.S. Engineering team in Kansas City as a marketing intern. After two months learning the industry and fine tuning my skills, I landed at my current position at U.S. Engineering Construction as a Proposal Specialist. I love what I do because I get to be creative, my job requires skills I enjoy exercising, and each day looks a little bit different.


Katie Pearson - I grew up in Denver, Colorado and then moved to Fort Collins to study mechanical engineering at Colorado State University. During my last semester of college, I joined U.S. Engineering part time as a Project Engineer and never left. I am now a Project Manager after six years of working at U.S. Engineering and I have found that the best part of my job is that no single day is the same! I love that I can be on a job site working with the field guys to solve an issue or I can be in the office working with my team on multiple projects we have going on.  All projects are different and that is what makes my job fun!

Lauren Wilson - While I was born into an Air Force family and moved a few times, I spent most of my childhood in Denver, Colorado. I went to college at the Colorado School of Mines, where I studied Mechanical Engineering and minored in Computer Science. I was an intern at U.S. Engineering during my senior year of college and was hired on full-time after graduation and have been here for almost 5 years. I am now a Project Manager of Strategic Initiatives, and my goal is to lead projects that make positive changes to the day-to-day work lives of my teammates. I love what I do because I get to use many different skills to solve problems that directly benefit those around me.


Role Playing Games

Have you ever wanted to be a character in your favorite story?  Well now you can!  Role Playing Games (RPGs) are a game where you get to tell and be part of the story.  Challon and Jo will help you understand what an RPG is, how to play them, and where you can go to find others that may want to play with you!

About the instructors: Challon Winer and Jo VanDeWege both regularly play RPGs and have played many different systems and styles – from Dungeons and Dragons, to Cypher, to Star Trek and Star Wars, Challon and Jo have played them all!  Challon has been playing since he was 10 years old (over 30 years ago!), and Jo started playing when she was in high school.



My journey from a lemonade stand to Shark Tank and beyond

Jack Bonneau will speak on his journey from a lemonade stand to being the youngest male on ABC's Shark Tank and a serial youth entrepreneur.  Jack will share his story and inspire you to do what he's done, but in your own way.  Jack is 2X TEDx speaker, founder of Jack's Stands & Teen Hustl.  Jack was awarded the 2020 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Young Entrepreneur award. Jack Bonneau is a senior at Legacy High School and went to K-8 at STEM Lab.


Art Exploration

Let’s make art together and explore ideas and materials!

About the instructors: Marleen Seckendorf has been teaching art in Adams 12 for 24 years. She loves to help students discover their strengths and talents while art making and learn more about themselves and the world around them. She is currently the Gifted and Talented Advocate at Mountain Range High School and Northglenn High School.  


Jennifer Moltzau has been teaching art in Adams 12 for 18 years. She loves to nurture students throughout their creative journeys to encourage original thoughts and enhance their artmaking skills. She is currently teaching k-5 art at Skyview Elementary School.



Are you a future astronomer? Join stargazers from the Denver Astronomical Society as we explore how telescopes work, and how to use them! Students will use magnifying lenses and curved mirrors to investigate what goes on inside a telescope, then get hands-on practice pointing, focusing, and looking through real astronomical telescopes. Bring a warm coat - we will take the telescopes outside! We will look for the Moon and Venus, along with distant objects here on Earth.

About the instructor: Leo Sack is a professional science educator, and has made astronomy fun for all ages at parks, museums, and observatories across the country. Currently he is volunteering for the Denver Astronomical Society, and taking a break from other teaching to be a stay-at-home dad.


BackStory Theatre: Make Believe and Beyond

Join BackStory Theatre for an afternoon of theatrical creativity and collaborative storytelling! Using our "Make Believe and Beyond" class framework, participants will create a short play based on an existing story: Why Mosquito Buzzes in People's Ears for grades K-3, or the opening storm scene from Shakespeare's The Tempest for grades 4-5. Students will develop their own characters and practice using their "actor's body, voice, and imagination". Whether they're an experienced young thespian or are exploring a new activity, we're excited to work with your children and exercise their theatrical instincts!

About the instructors: Kendle Butterworth (BSTA Artistic Instructor, Stage Director) received a MA in Geography at CU Boulder in 2010 in which she did research on using theatre as a means of community development in Kenya. She earned a MS in Education from the State University of New York at Albany in 2016, specializing in teaching literacy, curriculum development, social studies, and theatre. She has been a professional improvisor and also served as the Assistant Director at Camp Shakespeare at Winedale for 12 years. She is a firm believer in the power of theatre to empower individuals and communities.

Nellie Speers joined the staff of BackStory Theatre after graduating with a BA in Theatre Studies from Ithaca College. Since graduating, she has enjoyed working as a stage manager, performer, trail maintenance worker, and preschool teacher. Nellie is especially drawn to the community-building aspects of theatre and loves encouraging young artists to make big, bold, creative choices in their work. She looks forward to creating exciting stories together!


Destination Imagination: The Creative Experience

Instant challenges require quick, creative, and critical thinking for fast idea generation and implementation. We teach the creative process through project based learning -- and instant challenges will provide students with the opportunity to work in small teams to solve STEAM based Challenges.

About the instructor: Andrew Dechant is in his 7th year as the Regional Director for the Denver Metro Area of Destination Imagination.  Before this, he was a volunteer for Destination Imagination (DI) and the Regional Challenge Master for the Project Outreach Challenge.  He is passionate about teaching kids the creative process.  He is an alumnus of DI and first participated in elementary school almost 33 years ago.  He knows how important it is, both personally and professionally, to think creatively, work as a team, and generate ideas quickly.


Mock Trial

Students will learn the different roles of police, lawyers, and judges in upholding our laws through an imaginative trial where they can actively participate. The case will involve a simple but interesting potential crime based on a real case. Each student will be assigned a role and will role play a trial with Chief Deputy DA Toni Wehman as a moderator and support from other trial attorneys from the DA’s office.  

About the instructors: Toni Wehman is a Chief Deputy District Attorney for Adams and Broomfield counties since February 2021. Prior to going to the DA’s office, she served as Deputy General Counsel at Denver Public Schools and in private practice represented school districts and hospitals throughout Colorado.  Toni participated in COBALT, the Colorado Bar Associations Leadership Training and was awarded Outstanding Volunteer Attorney for Adams county for creating a youth technology citizenship program. She attended law school at the University of Colorado and has a Master’s in Public Administration.


Mock Trial
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