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Resources from Super Saturday 10 - February 25, 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Super Saturday 10!  We've compiled resources from our guest teachers and presenters to share with you. 

Presentations for Parents
Dr. Robin Greene - Twice Exceptionality: Understanding Our Most Exceptional Learners

Slides from Dr. Robin Greene's presentation

Katrina Fernandez - "Building Healthy Communities:  Promoting Resilience and Strengthening Relationships"

Slides from Katrina Fernandez's presentation

GT Parent Panel - "You aren't the only One!"

Slides from panel with Rebecca Bennett, Joanne Bliss, and Mike Vissers

Questions and Answers - These are answers from our panel to questions asked during the presentation.  The answers come from the panelists' own personal experience as parents and should not be taken as expert advice.

Resources: Conversations with CAGT, Books and Articles, Board Game Recommendations

Dr. Della Remack - "Creativity at Home"

Padlet presentation from Dr. Della Remack

Guest Teachers for our Student Classes
Thank you to our partners for volunteering your time and efforts to make Super Saturday 10 a success!  
You can find our guest teachers' names and organizations below as well as any resources they shared.  

Morning Session

James Koerlin - Adams 12 Future Forward

Cyndi Norris - Laurel Veterinary Clinic

Jack Bonneau - Teen Hustl 

Lauren Wilson, Emma Palasak, Katie Pearson - U.S. Engineering

Isis Rivera-Lopez - Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge

  • Flyer with upcoming FREE Nature Programs

Morning & Afternoon Session

Sean Miller & Sola Beckley - Venture Martial Arts

Afternoon Session

Kendle Butterworth & Nellie Speers - BackStory Theatre

Leo Sack, Steven Barr, and Chris Mullin - Denver Astronomical Society

  • check out their public events and open houses on their website

Challon Winer & Jo VanDeWege - Role Playing Games Handout

Marleen Seckendorf & Jennifer Moltzau - Adams 12 Schools

Andrew Dechant - Destination Imagination Colorado

Toni Wehman - 17th Judicial District Attorney's Office from Adams and Broomfield Counties

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