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Speak Up and Speak Out

How do I advocate for my gifted child?
Elementary School Teacher

"If our children do not get the opportunity to learn all they are able to learn, it is because not enough people insist on appropriate education for them. As parents, we must organize to become a respected and sizable force which can make a difference."


     ~ Gina Ginsberg Riggs, "A Call for Parent Advocacy," Understanding Our Gifted, March/April 1996

“You are responsible for advocating for your child.   You can’t assume school personnel will initiate a change in the standard school program for your child. Although many schools do have systematic identification measures and systematic programs, many do not. Learn as much as you can about your child’s talent area. For example, if your child is especially talented in language arts, you’ll need to learn about options for students with those strengths.”


      ~ Shoplik, A., Davidson Institute for Talent Development, “Tips for Parents: Advocacy - Working with Your Child’s School,” 2015 


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