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Online Games, Activities, and Student Resources
Recommended by A12GTPG Parents

It's a relief to be spending more time away from screens these days. However, during the pandemic, we were introduced to a wealth of fun, and often educational online games and activities. If you are looking for something fun to keep your GT student engaged at home or on the run, try one of these sites!  If you find a great online game or other online student resource, please share it with us at  Have fun playing!

Online Games
A12GTPG Virtual Escape Room

We created our own digital escape room game in Spring 2020.  Give it a try with your family or friends.  It was created for middle school students, so it will be challenging for younger students.  

Where on Google Earth is Carmen SanDiego?

Did you play Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego as a kid?  This version of the popular 1980's computer game uses Google Earth to virtually travel all over the world, tracking the suspects by following clues based on world landmarks, flags, currencies, and foods.  

BreakoutEDU - Free Games

Your student may have played one of these lock and combination puzzle games in school.  Now you can play a virtual version of a BreakoutEDU game.  They have a selection of free games for both elementary and middle school students.  

The Hogwarts Escape

In this escape-style game, you are a student about to begin your first year at Hogwarts.  You make a new friend but she mysteriously disappears!  Can you find out what happened to her? If you'd like to try another Harry Potter themed escape room, try the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Night at the Museum Digital Escape Room

Virtually explore Chicago's Field Museum to answer questions, find your code, and escape!

Murder Mystery Puzzles

Do you enjoy Sudoku and logic puzzles?  Try some of these puzzles set up around the classic whodunit theme!  

These sites contain links to a variety of websites and games for students:

Exquisite Minds: Gifted and Creative Children – Free Brain Games

Hoagies’ Kids and Teens – Apps, Reading Lists, Movies, and More

Mensa for Kids – Educational Games

Child on Tablet
Online Math Enrichment

Prodigy is a fun, online math game that many classrooms use for students to practice math in free time.  The math content only goes up to about grade 7-8, so it is used more for elementary and early middle school students.  It is free to use but there is an option to purchase a membership for access to more content.  


Khan Academy

This is another free, online learning program.  They offer many courses including plenty of math up through advanced high school content. 

Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) and Beast Academy

These are excellent online math curricula.  You have to pay to use them, but they are popular options for parents who homeschool their children.  AoPS is for grades 5-12 and Beast Academy is the companion program for younger students.



This is another online learning platform that many schools use to help students practice math, language arts, science, or social studies.  It requires a paid membership to use. 

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