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Parent Education Series

GT 101: A Parent's Perspective

April 2024

Whether you have a newly-identified GT/talent pool student or if you've been navigating the world of GT education for a while, we know many parents have questions and want to hear the perspectives and experiences of other parents.  On Friday, April 26, 2024 members of the A12 GT Parents Group Executive Board presented "GT 101: A Parent's Perspective."  We provided a brief overview of common terms and themes in GT education accompanied by many of our favorite resources.

You can see the slides from this presentation HERE. Links to resources can be found on the left-hand side panels. 

Kelly Teran

April 2023

On April 3, 2023, Kelly Teran presented "Gifted & Talented Assessments: What Do the Scores Mean?"   

This presentation shared information about

  • the assessments used as part of the Adams 12 gifted and talented identification process

  • what the batteries measure, and what this means in terms of thinking and learning for your gifted child 

  • some highlights and happenings in the Advanced Academic & Gifted Services (AAGS) department this school year


Slides from the presentation 

Other resources mentioned include The Neurodiversity Podcast with Emily Kircher-Morris and Conversations with CAGT, including the presentation by Miranda Harper shared during the Sept. 2022 meeting (see below). 

CAGT Conference Highlights

November 2022

In October 2022, two of the GT Parents Group board members attended the annual Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) Conference.  We know that many of our fellow parents were not able to attend, and in this Parent Education Meeting, we shared some of the resources and benefits from the conference with our Adams 12 GT parent community.   This presentation contained a wealth of information about the social emotional and learning needs of gifted children and the slides contain links for further resources for those wishing to learn more.  The slides from the presentation are linked below.  

CAGT Conference Highlights Presentation slides

CAGT Conference Highlights Presentation video

Terry Bradley

April 2022

Terry Bradley is a local gifted education consultant specializing in the social and emotional aspects of giftedness.  She gave a wonderful talk to the GT Parents Group about "5 Things I'm Glad I Did as the Parent of Gifted Children."  This talk was not recorded but you can view her presentation slides

During her presentation, Terry highlighted the work of Dr. Linda Silverman at the Gifted Development Center.  You can watch some of Linda Silverman's presentations on her website

Terry also mentioned the work of Dr. Patty Gatto-Walden and her book Embracing the Whole Gifted Self.  These are excellent resources for anyone looking to learn more about how to support your gifted child.  

NAGC Convention Highlights

December 2021

On December 2, members of the Parents Group executive board shared information and resources learned while attending the 2021 NAGC convention in Denver.  Topics included addressing equity in gifted education, supporting the whole gifted child, and parenting for success.  This presentation contained a wealth of information about the current understanding of gifted children and the slides contain links for further resources for those wishing to learn more.  The recording of the presentation and the slides are linked below.  

NAGC Highlights Presentation video

NAGC Highlights Presentation slides

2e Identification & Support

February 2021

In February, we had a wonderful presentation by Sarina Compoz from the Colorado Department  of Education on twice-exceptional (2e) students and how we can support their learning.  Lynn Saltzgaver, our Director of Gifted Services and Dr. Terri Lucero from Peak Exceptional Services also joined to help answer parent questions. 


If you were not able to attend, you can view the recording from the event and other resources:  


Advanced Learning Plans

October 2020

If you are looking for more information on Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs), check out our parent talk with Lynn Saltzgaver, Adams 12 Director of Advanced Academic and Gifted Services.


Resources from this presentation: 

Lynn Saltzgaver

September 2023

On Sept. 25, 2023, Lynn Saltzgaver presented "Advanced Learning Plans in Adams 12"   

This presentation covered the Adams 12 Advanced Learning Plan (ALP), including the purpose of an ALP, writing ALP goals which highlight the Colorado Essential Skills, and ways parents and students can participate in the ALP process. 

You can see the slides from this presentation HERE

Talking points for discussing ALP goals

Susanne Keeley

January 2023

In January 2023, Susanne Keeley presented "Encourage, Enhance and Expand Executive Functions in your Child,"   

a wonderful presentation on potential problems with Executive Functions in gifted students, and specific behaviors and techniques that parents can use to foster Executive Functions skills in their children.  


Susanne Phillips Keeley, MA CCC-SLP, is a licensed speech-language pathologist witha  private practice in the Chicagoland area focusing on improving executive functions in children and adults.  You can learn more about Susanne and her GoStrong organization at

This presentation was recorded, but we are respecting our presenter's wishes by not posting the recording publicly.  You may email us at to request access to the recording. 

Miranda Harper

September 2022

Thank you to all who joined us for the viewing of Miranda Harper’s Conversations with CAGT presentation on “Practical Strategies for Embracing Overexcitabilities.” This recorded talk covered general information on overexcitabilities as well as practical tips for supporting students both at home and in the classroom.  If you missed it, you can view the recording and the slides from Miranda Harper's original presentation. 

Video of Miranda Harper's 3/15/22 Conversations with CAGT

Slides from presentation

This video presentation is from the series Conversations with CAGT.  See the full archive of Conversations with CAGT for a wealth of other presentations from nationally renowned experts or watch new Conversations LIVE on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month on CAGT's Facebook page.  

SEL in Adams 12 Schools

January 2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Jan. 27, 2022 for our conversation with Katrina Fernandez, MTSS Director, on the social and emotional competencies taught across Adams 12.  The presentation contained a number of strategies being implemented in Adams 12 schools as well as supports and tools you can use at home with your student(s).  We've posted the slide deck from the presentation below. 

SEL Meeting Slides

High School Specialty Programs

September 2021

On Sept. 14, we had students and staff from Horizon SOAR, Legacy 2000, Mountain Range HS of Business, and Northglenn STEM Pathways and P>TECH come and talk to us about their programs.  All of these programs teach students the confidence and leadership skills they will need to be successful in any future endeavor.  For your reference, we've linked their slides and program websites below.  

Horizon SOAR website

Legacy 2000 website

Mountain Range HS of Business website

Northeglenn STEM and P>TECH, website

GT 101: A Parent's Perspective

December 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our parent meeting in December 2020 where we went over some of the basics of the GT world. 


The talk was not recorded but you can see the slides here.




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ALP Resources
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