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Led by Volunteers to Support Adams 12 GT Students & Families

Our History

The A12GTPG was founded in 2012 by Steve Bonneau, a parent of a GT student in the Adams 12 Five Star Schools district. Steve had a vision of creating an organization that served GT students and their families district-wide. The organization was founded on the basis of several areas that were believed to be important to the GT community:


● Resources: Identify GT resource gaps and work to provide needed resources through collaboration with parents, schools, the school district, and the community.


● Policy: Participate in the development, implementation, and communication of GT-related district guidelines and policies in conjunction with district staff.


● Advocacy: Act as advocates for GT students, families, parent groups, schools, and GT programs to affect change at the school, district, and state levels.


● Education: Facilitate unique educational opportunities for advanced learning and GT-related topics for students and their families.


● Community: Cultivate a strong GT community in the Adams 12 Five Star Schools district by creating opportunities for interactions between families, schools and the community.


These areas of interest have guided our activities since the group's inception.

Happy Kids with Books
Executive Team

An Executive Team is required per the A12GTPG bylaws with elections held in the spring of each year at a general membership meeting or through a digital vote.  For the 2021-2022 school year, Executive Team members include:



Viviane Del Pizzo (STEM Lab K-8) 


Jill Cables (Meridian ES, Rocky Top MS, Stargate)



Daniele Ejzykowicz (Prospect Ridge Academy, Legacy HS)


Immediate Past-President

Joanne Bliss (Prospect Ridge Academy, Legacy HS)
Leadership Team

At the core of the A12GTPG is the Leadership Team. This team is comprised of the Executive Team and any parents or other community members that want to be more deeply involved in the governing and coordination of A12GTPG activities. We currently meet monthly. Lynn Saltzgaver, Director of Advanced Academic and Gifted Services, is our liaison to the Adams 12 District and also attends meetings regularly. Members of the Leadership Team may volunteer to take additional responsibility within the organization such as coordination of communications, leading efforts for twice-exceptional students, website administration, or chairing special events such as Super Saturday.

In-School Parent Liaisons

In-School Liaisons are parents within district schools who volunteer to coordinate with A12GTPG leadership to share updates on A12GTPG events and resources.  As applicable, Liaisons may help to support other GT programs and initiatives in the school and act as a resource for families within the school. If you are an active parent at your school and would like to represent your school in this way, please let us know!


Membership is free and currently includes approximately 1400 parents/guardians of GT students in the Adams 12 Five Star Schools district who have attended A12GTPG events or wish to receive information from the group. Since everything that is done by the A12GTPG is done through volunteerism, we rely on the interest and involvement of our membership.


The A12GTPG is an affiliate of Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) and is an organization supported through the Adams 12 Five Star Schools district. Any donations received through events or through our website are used to pay for activities supporting GT students in our district as well as to pay for speakers at Parent Nights. Accounting is managed and reported by our Treasurer. Because we are affiliated with the Adams 12 school district, finances are also overseen and managed through the district. For more information about administration of our group, please see the A12GTPG bylaws or join us at a Leadership Team meeting to learn more.



A12GTPG  hosts approximately 4 seminars each school year where experts in the field of Gifted & Talented are invited to speak. Special events like "Super Saturday," "Middle School Madness," "Cultural Symposium," and others, are held throughout the year (virtually or in person), where students are offered unique experiences and  opportunities to connect with peers and mentors.

A12GTPG Today
Statement of Political Neutrality

The Adams 12 GT Parents Group is a parent-led group that is affiliated with the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented and works closely with (coordinates with) the department of Advanced Academic and Gifted Services in the Adams 12 Five Star School district.  It is made up of all volunteers with no paid staff.  The group exists for the GT families within the district and is meant to support, enrich and educate them on matters related to being gifted.  The group does not engage in political discourse nor does it endorse any candidates for local, state, or national parties.  Information regarding legislation that directly impacts education and GT programming may be shared from time to time in a strictly informational way.

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