Activities and Events for Students, Parents, and Families

Approximately 4 evenings each school year, we hold presentations (either in person or virtually) for parents and caregivers on topics of interest to the GT community. See information on upcoming speakers and resources from past presentations.

2021-2022 Parent Education Series

  • Sept. 14 - High School Specialty Programs

  • Dec. 2 - NAGC Convention Highlights

  • Jan. 27 - Katrina Fernandez, Social Emotional Learning 

  • Apr. 19 - Terry Bradley, 5 Things I'm Glad I Did as the Parent of Gifted Children

Student & Family Events

Although in-person events were a challenge for the 2020-2021 school year, we generally offer multiple student events each year to provide enrichment and/or give students an opportunity to connect with other GT students. Past events for elementary aged students have included Super Saturday (our yearly signature event), virtual STEAM Saturday, and Passport to the World Cultural Symposium.  Recent events for middle school students have included Middle School Madness, Middle School Escape Room, and Virtual Escape Room. Family events have included yearly theatre performances with special behind the scenes tours, visit to Denver Art Museum's Monet exhibit with a special preview presentation, visit to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Robotics exhibit, Service Learning Day, and Social/Emotional Learning Night.

2021-2022 Student and Family Events

  • Oct. 8 - Middle School Escape Room

  • Nov. 20 - Behind-the-Scenes Tour with BackStory Theatre

  • Feb. 18 - Future Forward Friday (NEW middle school student event)

  • Feb. 26 - Super Saturday

  • Apr. 15 - Middle School Madness

Most of these events require numerous volunteers to run smoothly, including parents and high school students.  Please consider volunteering to help make these events possible! Email us for more information or look for sign up links on our website or in emails from our group.

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