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Resources from GT College Info Night - February 8, 2024

In February 2024, the Adams 12 high school GT Advocates presented information to GT students and their parents on selecting a college or university for further education after high school.  There was a keynote followed by multiple breakout sessions and we've created this page to share the resources that were presented.    

Presenters - 2023-2024 High School GT Advocates  
Kelsey Barnes (Thornton HS) -
Marleen Seckendorf (NGHS & MRHS) -
Tina Walters (Horizon HS) -
Chris Warner (Legacy HS) -


The introductory keynote talked about what factors students and parents might consider when trying to find the "right fit" college.  


General Resources

These are helpful resources.  For templates, please make a copy and then you can use it for your own college journey.

College Application Time Frame  - contains links to more info

College Search Priorities Template

College Comparison Chart Template

Junior Year College Planning Doc Template

Info on Honors Programs and Colleges

Breakout Sessions

Each breakout session had a particular focus.  The slide decks are interactive and contain links to relevant resources.  

Paying for College - Slidedeck

Completing the Common Application / Essay WritingSlidedeck

Athletic Recruiting Process - Slidedeck

Making College Feel Smaller - Slidedeck

Audition-Based Majors - Slidedeck

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