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Parent Resources

One thing we've heard over and over from parents of newly identified GT students is that parents have felt isolated and/or worried because their experiences have been different than what they have heard from parents of typical learners.  Parents don't always know who to talk to about the joys (and many struggles) of trying to raise a gifted child or where to go for more information. Know that you're not alone! We've all been in the same place!

The following resources have been compiled by parents involved with our group.

Some of our favorite GT introductory videos for parents new to GT.

Man Trying App

Books and articles on topics ranging from social emotional issues to executive function.

Open Book
Student Enrichment Ideas

A list of camps and classes, online activities, and board games curated by parents from A12GTPG.

Kids robot

Organization websites and others with a wealth of information.

Female Using Computer

Recordings and materials from parent lectures hosted by the Adams 12 GT Parents Group.

Public Speaker

Resources shared by speakers during our Super Saturday event.  

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